About Us



We are a Melbourne based business bringing engineered carbon fibre products to market, all our products are designed and made in Australia by our engineers.

Like you we are avid cyclists and coffee drinkers, so it was a natural progression to develop a carbon fibre cup holder for a bike! You might be waiting on a slow drinker or arrived early with your coffee, so having a spot to hold your coffee is a necessity.

You can also use it for the family pram and occasional Sunday morning baguette back from the shops! It’s a fun exciting product, and of course the carbon fibre material gets the odd look or intrigue from passers-by when out & about!

We have been working very hard to develop this product, and so glad we can now share it with everyone – but we aren’t stopping there, we are continually making it better adding new custom mount configurations for you.

The carbon fibre used is repurposed industry material, furthermore advanced CNC manufacturing is used to ensure waste is minimised.

Please contact us anytime if you would like to talk more about our product!